A Glimpse

I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but I know why I’m here. I want to share Nala’s story. I believe it will help not only myself but others out in the world that have lost their beloved pet or want to connect better with them. The recent events that have taken place were nothing short of a nightmare, yet I have learned the lessons and seen the light in the darkness that I can take with me going forward.

Nala’s life with us was not as long as we wanted or thought it would be, but very full to say the least. Nala’s voice is my motivation in doing this. The next time I post I’m going to begin with her story.

Rescued is my favorite breed<3


Published by Nala's Voice

I'm a mama, that has experience in managing a bakery, cake decorating, driving a school bus, dog walking, and dog grooming. My current job is in logistics (I'm a multitasking freak and a customer service superstar). I'm also a part-time real estate agent. I enjoy kickboxing, muscle cars, long walks, reading, loving and understanding animals, and enjoying my family. Before Nala passed my household consisted of myself, my partner Denny, my son Adrian (15), my son Evan (14), dog son Lenny (8), dog daughter Yogi (8), dog son Diddy (15), and last but not least dog daughter Nala (8). None of my babies were planned and have amazing stories behind each of them that I will share. My goal is to share my experience with Nala and tell her story in order to bring peace to my loss and to help others understand the true connection between humans and animals.

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