When Nala was pacing and unable to back up 😦

I just received a phone call from our Vet’s office. Nala has returned and we can go pick up her ashes. Of course hours have been shortened due to COVID 19, so thoughts are running through my mind about when I’m going to go pick her up. Then I remembered the test results for her thyroid were never provided so I asked and was put on hold.

The damn music they play when they put people on hold is now a trigger for me. My mind was pulled right back into all the confusion, worry, and fear when my sweet Nala was suffering. Tears welled up, heart and mind racing. I used Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule to just get me through the phone call. (Typing this is creating anxiety.) It helped and allowed me to keep my Sh!# together.

Nala did in fact have a low reading on her thyroid. Of course my mind goes to: If caught sooner, would it have saved her? Could it have? I don’t think so, but I know what I’ll be researching now. It crazy to know she had hypothyroidism and I was just diagnosed early this year with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. #twinning (sarcasm)

My heart aches from missing her so much. Being aware of the triggers and using the energy from that to do something about it like researching hypothyroidism in dogs for early signs and symptoms for my pets does help make me feel a little better.

In my opinion through what I’ve learned, for me it comes down to identifying my triggers, getting a handle on them, and choosing what you will do about it. Let it consume you? Or choose to do something, plan something to help you through? I choose to do something about it.

Stay safe everyone ❤️


Published by Nala's Voice

I'm a mama, that has experience in managing a bakery, cake decorating, driving a school bus, dog walking, and dog grooming. My current job is in logistics (I'm a multitasking freak and a customer service superstar). I'm also a part-time real estate agent. I enjoy kickboxing, muscle cars, long walks, reading, loving and understanding animals, and enjoying my family. Before Nala passed my household consisted of myself, my partner Denny, my son Adrian (15), my son Evan (14), dog son Lenny (8), dog daughter Yogi (8), dog son Diddy (15), and last but not least dog daughter Nala (8). None of my babies were planned and have amazing stories behind each of them that I will share. My goal is to share my experience with Nala and tell her story in order to bring peace to my loss and to help others understand the true connection between humans and animals.

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